Styling & Handwritten Signs

We have a lovely array of signs, chalk boards and easels starting from £15 each, which can be combined to create beautiful welcome signs, signposts and message boards for your guests, so please let us know what you would like and we would love to help.  

Our wonderful friend Annie is also available for personalising any sign or chalk board in a pretty, hand-written style to add that extra touch of intimacy to your event.  Costs vary depending on your requirements, but start at £30 per large chalk board.

And as an extra little something special, why not keep your event welcome board as a truly unique keepsake, for an additional £25.


We know that these days not everyone wants a full blown event/wedding planner or stylist, but that having someone who can take the stress out of your arrangements and spend time on those final touches means that you can enjoy every amazing moment of your special day and help you create Pinterest worthy photos.

From sharing ideas on tools like Pinterest to working directly with you in the run up to your event, we can give you the right level of support to help ensure you have the style you want for you day.  We can also work with you to source additional items as well as recommend other suppliers and services to fit your event.

We offer an initial consultation free of charge, styling on the day will usually take around 3 hours which will cost £200, plus £75 for each additional hour.  For a more personal engagement to help you with your planning fees for this will be discussed.